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Argentine President: Maradona is the best, Messi is different

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez stressed that it is possible to think of football returning to life again, but without an audience present, as soon as homemade rapid tests are available to detect the emerging Corona virus..

Fernandez confirmed in a dialogue to the stationTNT Sports“:”I miss football so much, and every time I ask Guinness Gonzalez Garcia (Minister of Health) why can’t it be played if the stadium is 9,000 square meters and has 22 players“.

He continued, “I think that football can return gradually if we guarantee its follow-up on television. When we have quick tests made in Argentina, the clubs will be able to test their teams, and we will ensure that no player is injured by Corona.”“.

On the other hand, Fernandez spoke of the Argentine soccer legend Diego MaradonaSaying, “He’s the best player I’ve ever seen, and in order not to upset Lionel Messi fans, I think Messi is playing in a different football. The ball is different now.”“.

“What Maradona was doing, I didn’t see him from any other player. He was exceptional. Many were great when they were near Maradona, and when they were away from him they failed“.

At the end of his speech, Fernandez expressed his gratitude for the Argentine commitment during the Corona Virus crisis, saying: “We have to be happy because we are a great people who deal very well with the situation.”“.

It is reported that Corona’s deaths in Argentina have reached 300 cases so far, while the total number of injuries is 5776 cases.

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