World Argentine legend Thomas Karlovic dies after being assaulted

Argentine legend Thomas Karlovic dies after being assaulted


Former footballer Thomas Felipe Karlovic, who has been ranked as one of the best Argentinian players in history, died Friday at the age of 74 from the wounds of his attack last Wednesday in Santa Fe Province.

The player named (El Trinci) began his professional career at the end of 1960 with the team Rosario Central and then moved to Flandria, and in 1972 he moved to Central Cordoba Club, where he spent many of his life and became a symbol for him.

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Karlovic was admitted to the intensive care unit and entered into a coma after receiving a blow on the head of a young man who stole his bike last Wednesday in the city of Rosario (his hometown).

“It was a symbol for us,” Eduardo Bulvone, president of Central Cordoba Club, who was the player of his symbol, told Radio2 AM1230. We are very touched today. Whenever I go to soccer fields in Buenos Aires, I still ask me about him because of things he did 40 years ago. “He really deserves to turn into a legend.”

“My father used to own a new bike, but this is not a reason for the attack because 4 old bikes were stolen from him before,” his son Bruno Karlovic said in previous statements to 5 RTV. He is currently unconscious, in intensive care, and in a coma. ”


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