Argentine Cup: Updates, Results, and Predictions for Quarterfinals and Semifinals

The Argentine Cup continues this week with three games. The first is this Tuesday, between Talleres de Córdoba and Chacarita, who will face each other from 2:00 p.m. in La Rioja. Whoever wins will play against River for the round of 16. This Wednesday, for his part, Vélez will face Deportivo Español at 7:10 p.m. on the Quilmes field and from 9:30 p.m., Instituto and Riestra will collide in Jujuy.

So far, there are 26 teams that passed the phase: Board of Trustees, Defense and Justice, Hurricane, LP Students, Spanish Center, Hikers, Claypole, Racing, Chaco For Ever, River, Argentinos, San Lorenzo. Independiente, Boca, San Martín de Tucumán, Villa Mitre, Colón, Belgrano, Platense, Almagro, Barracas Central, Colón, Estudiantes de Río Cuarto, All Boys, Central Córdoba and Rosario Central. And there are already 11 crosses defined for the round of 16.


With Boca (beating Olimpo) and River (beating Racing de Córdoba) in the 16th round of the tournament, a possible superclassic could occur in the quarterfinals, so each of the Argentine soccer giants should win two more series. For the same part of the painting come Racing and Independentwhat faces could also be seen in rooms.


The key to the Argentine Cup.



Board of Trustees 2 (Kevin Gonzalez and Ignacio Russo) – Gymnastics and Shooting

Defense and Justice 3 (Nicolás Fernández -2- and David Barbona)- Ituzaingó 2 (Rodrigo Soria -2-)

LP students 3 (M.Mendez, J. Guasone and M. Boselli)-Independent of Chivilcoy

Tiger 1 (4) (G. Badaloni)- Spanish Center 1 (5) (F. Senn)

Gymnastics LP 1 (5) (A. Lescano)- Hikers 1 (6) (L. Barrios)

Newell’s 0-Claypole 1 (L. Llodra)

Racing 3 (O. Opazo, G. Rojas and P. Guerrero)-St.

Sarmiento 0 (5) – Chaco For Ever 0 (6)

River 3 (Borja, Beltrán and González Pirez) – Racing de Córdoba 0

Argentines 3 (Avalos -2- and Verón)- Deportivo Armenian 0

San Lorenzo 3 (R. Pérez and Blandi -2-)- Sarmiento de Resistencia 0

Boca 2 (Sandez and Benedetto -p-) – Olympus 1 (Hadad)

Independent 3 (Cauteruccio, Vallejo and Giménez) – Bolívar 0

San Martin Tucuman 2 (N. Banegas and M. Verón) – D. Morón 0

Belgrano 2 (Susvielles and Hesar)-Independiente Rivadavia 0

Colón 2 (Pierotti and Arrúa)-College

Arsenal 1 (Toloza) (6) – Villa Miter 1 (Jara) (7)

Platense 2 (Sabella and M. Quiroga) – Defenders of Belgrano 0

Union 1 (I. Hurts) (3) – Almagro 1 (A. Neck) (4)

Central Tents 1 (R. Insua) – Students BA 0

lanus 3 (Motto, Dodge and Sand) – May Sun 1 (Jerovic)

Athletic 1 – RR Rodriguez Students from Rio Cuarto 3 (R. Reynaga -2- and G. Villalba)

Gymnastics of Mendoza 0 (2)-All Boys 0 (4)

Central Cordoba 3 (L. Gamba -2- and F- Jourdan)-Communications 0

Central Rosary 4 (J. Campaz, E. Suraci en contra, F. Mallo and I. Cortez)-Central Norte 1 (L. Vella)


With defined days

6/7 (14 hours): Córdoba-Chacarita workshops

7/6 (18 hours): Vélez-D. Spanish

7/6 (9:30 p.m.): Institute-D. riestra

No confirmed days

Banfield – Argentine de Merlo

The Argentine Cup trophy.The Argentine Cup trophy.

Godoy Cruz – United Defenders of Zárate

Aldosivi – San Martin de San Juan

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