Argentine actor and television host Fernando del Solar dies in Mexico

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MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) – The Argentine actor and host Fernando del Solar, who triumphed on Mexican television with “Venga la Alegría” (2006-2012), died at the age of 49, due to lung cancer that was diagnosed in 2012, reported the show’s producer.

“A very close source has told us that unfortunately Fernando del Solar has passed away. There are plenty of affectionate adjectives to talk about Fernando, but you who are his family, who built ‘Venga la Alegría’ with him, have to know,” said the producer Sergio Sepulveda.

The actor’s real name is Fernando Martín Cacciamani Servidio and was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on April 5, 1973.

“For a decade, the former driver of Venga la Alegría underwent various palliative treatments and alternative therapies; however, he continued to have health problems, until the announcement of his death this afternoon [30 de junio]”, published the newspaper The financial.

Del Solar began her career in theater more than two decades ago, and a decade ago she joined the world of modeling and Mexican soap operas on the TV Azteca network.

In addition to that program, he participated in other television productions, such as sexes at war (2002-2005), Beat the Chef (2012), Hoy (2018), and The Academy; and acted in two films: gift of God (2005), y my ex’s family (2017).

Del Solar also published the book Up the heartsa story that portrays the years after his cancer diagnosis and narrates the most difficult moments of his treatments in hospitals and clinics.

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