Argentina’s victory over Bolivia and Messi lose his temper! – Al-Binaa newspaper

Challenged Argentina Circumstances Difficult By playing On Height 3600 Meter About Level the sea, وفازت On Her hostess Bolivia 2-1، in a Round the second From Qualifiers America Southern Eligible For the World Cup 2022.

وجل لاوتارو Martinez, وخواكين Korea my goal Argentina, in a The two minutes 45 And79، In Has been made Marcelo Moreno, Target Bolivia in a Minute 24. وعلى Though From Non Sign Up The star Argentine Lionel Messi its name in a List My scorer the match, Lost Kidnapping Lights After Enter in a Altercations With Leader selected Bolivia, Moreno.

و .ظهرت Cameras Messi and he Get excited in a وجه Moreno, Before that Intervene No games Elected To break up Engagement And calm down Players. وبحسب What Showed it the screen, Lost وجه Messi Literally Raunchy Lamorino, وقال for him: «What Your problem?»، Then Enter «Flea» in a Altercations Other With Lucas NAFA, the coach Physical For a squad Bolivia, والذي Telephony Words gig Argentine. flower Leo saying: «What Your speeches? lhave I was Scream throughout the match, Hey the fool, لماذا Excite sensation Hey the fool?

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