Argentina’s National Bank teams up with Agriculture Ministry to offer credit line for agricultural machinery procurement at Agroactiva 2023

In a ceremony held at the Central House of the National bank Argentina, the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Juan Jose Bahillo and the president of the credit institution, Silvina Batakis, signed a commitment letter with benefits for agricultural producers. The Government promotes special conditions to access a credit line destined to the acquisition of agricultural machinery of national origin and inputsin the next edition of Agroactiva 2023.

The monetary injection that will be put into circulation will be $60 billionwill have a rate bonus of 5 percentage pointswhich results in a final rate of 59%and contemplates the SME producers and bank clients who attend the sample of the June 7 to 10 at the Armstrong fairgrounds, Santa Fe.

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This agreement is a great support to continue promoting and accompanying the productive sector”, he highlighted Bahillo. In addition, he highlighted “the good predisposition of the bank to accompany with the different lines of financing, in even complex and difficult situations, such as the agricultural emergency in the context of the drought.”

The credit offer, which will be $60 billion, will have a rate bonus of 5 percentage points, resulting in a final rate of 59%, and includes SME producers and Bank clients who attend Agroactiva 2023. (Photo : Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries).

The support of Banco Nacion

For his part, Batakis expressed what “The agricultural sector is one of the fundamental motors of the national productive framework”. He added that they are committed to supporting the efforts of producers through financing tools that accompany them in the development and growth of their businesses.

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Banco Nación is always available so that the productive sectors of Argentina move forward, be more complex, with more national integration,” he said. Batakis. He highlighted the agreement reached with the Ministry of Agriculture to subsidize and offer an accessible interest rate to all producers on the eve of Agroactiva.

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During the announcement, prominent authorities were present such as the second vice president José Ballesteros, the director Martín Pollera, the general manager María Barros, the main deputy general manager of Businesses Gastón Álvarez, the chief of staff of the Secretariat Juan Manuel Fernández Arocena and the coordinator of the FONDAGRO José Portillo.

With this measure, the Government seeks to strengthen the agro-industrial sector and provide producers with the necessary financial tools to boost their productive capacity and contribute to the economic development of the country.

2023-06-05 23:51:50
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