Argentina withdraws recognition of Guaido

The Argentine government announced that it is not the one that recognized the leader of the opposition in Venezuela, Juan Guaido, as interim president, confirming the withdrawal of credentials from his representative in Buenos Aires.

In a letter addressed to the representative of Guaido, Elisa Trota Gamos, the Argentine government informed that her “special mission” had ended in Argentina.

The Argentine Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the representative of Guaido “was carrying out a special mission in the country according to the powers granted to her by the previous administration, but she was not an official Venezuelan ambassador. And we did not recognize Guaido as president, but only as the leader of the opposition, and accordingly we consider that there is no mission Especially for acting. ”

Commenting on the Argentine government’s decision, Trotta said: “We respect the sovereign decisions of Argentina. We are open to all kinds of talks and dialogue that may be held with the Argentine government with the aim of contributing to the restoration of democracy in Venezuela.”

It is noteworthy that Argentina recognized Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela in January 2019, during the era of former President Mauricio Macri. In April, credentials were granted to the country’s representative of Guaido.

Last fall, Macri lost the presidential elections to leftist Alberto Fernandez, who took office officially on December 10, and took a different approach to the crisis in Venezuela.

Source: Reuters

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