Argentina will export meat to Algeria and onion to Mexico


It should be noted that Algeria is the first commercial partner of Argentina in the African continentwith a surplus in favor of our country of 1,416 million dollars, with total Argentine exports of 1,597 million dollars and imports of 181 million in foreign currency.

It is estimated that Algerian purchases of fresh beef from all destinations have reached around 150 million dollars annually in recent years, which makes that country a very attractive destination for Argentine exporters.


On the other hand, Foreign Minister Cafiero confirmed that Mexico opened the market for fresh onion from Argentina.

“This creates another opportunity for a national product to be the protagonist of the famous Mexican gastronomy. Congratulations to our Embassy in Mexico, SENASA and Agriculture for the efforts”stressed the official.

In this regard, he highlighted that 66,240 tons of this vegetable were imported into Mexico last year for a total of 40 million dollars. “The support of our Foreign Ministry to the sanitary negotiations improves the country’s position in international trade,” he asserted.

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