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In full dream since his first international coronation with Argentina at the last Copa America in July, Lionel Messi does not shy away from his pleasure. Proud, the new Paris Saint-Germain striker is also savoring his lasting success at the highest level.

Lionel Messi has finally found his happiness in selection.

Finally a happy holiday from the first to the last day! I have the peace of mind to have fulfilled the dream that has so often been denied to me. Lionel Messi will remember his summer 2021. Dj because the Argentinian experienced strong emotions when he left FC Barcelona at the end of his contract for Paris Saint-Germain. But also and above all because the 34-year-old striker has finally experienced the joys of international success with Argentina.

Indeed, the Pulga lifted the Copa America in July and finally silenced criticism of their ability to make their country triumph.

The Copa America brought Messi back to the smile

This memory will never be engraved in the memory of the six-fold Ballon d’Or, who has lived for two months in an enchanted world. The Albiceleste, author of 76 goals in 152 selections, readily acknowledges it in an interview with the ESPN channel. Everything I have won has been important and beautiful, but this title has been the most difficult because I have been through a lot … I took it blow after blow. We were called rats. (…) Everything happened like a dream, it was a spectacular moment, assured the former Barcelonan.

Before making, like a good captain, some logical remarks about his selection. I take even more pleasure when I see the images of this moment. I couldn’t believe we had finally made it. We were very strong, we went through a lot of difficulties and nothing else mattered. The group had a very clear objective and we did not deviate from that. Over time, I am sure that our game will be more fluid and that we will continue to grow and improve. When you win, you free yourself.

La Pulga has changed its game

On a collective level, the native of Rosario is also savoring his sustainability at the highest level. Because despite the weight of the years, the one who has just made his big debut in Ligue 1, continues to delight his world thanks to his technical prowess and his genius. Messi is a rare player. What are the keys to keeping it at the top? Le Parisien gives the magic recipe.

I grew up enormously as a player, I tried to assimilate and bring other things to my game. Today, I step back a little further, I try not to be satisfied with playing in the last one. third of the land. I’m looking to be more of a passer, to master the rhythm and the tempo of the match. I don’t have the acceleration of yesteryear, but I still manage to create danger, underlined the South American. Enough to make Parisian supporters very optimistic!

Do you think Messi can take Paris Saint-Germain to the roof of Europe this summer? Does the Argentinian always play at the top of his game? Do not hesitate to react and discuss in the area add a comment



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