Argentina exceeds the “750 thousand” cases of Corona virus

Yesterday, Wednesday, September 30, Argentina recorded 14,392 new cases of coronavirus, during the last 24 hours, which made the “Covid-19” infection exceed the one million but a quarter of a million cases in the silver country.

The total cases of Coronavirus in Argentina increased to 751 thousand cases, including 16 thousand and 937 deaths from the virus, with a mortality rate of 2.26%.

Argentina is currently ranked eighth in the danger list for the most endemic countries in the world with Coronavirus, behind the United States, India, Brazil, Russia, Colombia, Peru, Spain, respectively.

Argentina is also the fourth most endemic country in the South American continent with the Corona virus, behind Brazil, Peru and Colombia, respectively.

Meanwhile, recoveries from the Corona virus in Argentina reached 594,645 cases, with a cure rate of 79.18%.


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