Argentina applied the Sinopharm vaccine to boys from 3 to 11 years before China

On October 1, the Minister of Health of Argentina, Carla Vizzotti, announced that the Sinopharm vaccine against the coronavirus was going to be applied to children between 11 and 3 years old He said that China had already applied it. However, in the Asian country They only began to immunize this age group at the end of October.

During the announcement, Vizzotti confirmed that “it is a vaccine that is already being used in China. with the vaccination of more than 500 million children and adolescents“.

The official added that the vaccine was being used in children also in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and is very similar to the one being used in Chile. “It is one of the safest”, he claimed.

Despite what Vizzotti had argued, China began vaccinating children under 12 years old last Thursday, according to the National Health Commission of the Asian giant. Immunization of minors had been approved in June but its application was delayed.

The Argentine Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti. Photo EFE.

On October 25, 12 days after the start of the immunization campaign for minors in our country, the AP agency reported that the municipal and provincial governments of at least five Chinese provinces had announced that children ages 3 to 11 should be vaccinated.

Thus, Argentina was almost a month ahead of China, the country that produces the vaccine, becoming in the second in the world to try that vaccine against Covid in that age group, after the United Arab Emirates.

Bahrain, a small Middle Eastern country, another one named by Vizzotti, also approved its use last week.

The Ministry of Health informed The nation that the information from the studies carried out “was analyzed over two months”.

And they added: “Once it considered that it was sufficient, it issued the recommendation to extend the age to over three years. The decision was based on the recommendation of the Anmat“.

Regarding the words of Vizzotti, who said that in China vaccines were being used in a pediatric way when it was not real, they clarified: “We observed when we saw the video again that it was not clear that she probably wanted to refer to the 500 million doses that it is what the target population between 3 and 17 years of age in China needs, whose process had already begun in those under 18. “

According to him Public Vaccination Monitor of the sanitary portfolio, in our country there were 61,454,090 applications to date.

In the age group from 3 to 11 years without risk factors, 2,391,923 were inoculated doses. Another 226,509 doses were applied to boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 11 with comorbidities.




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