Argenteuil: the singer Hams finds the light with a title tribute to his city

Hams is the author and performer ofintensely, a title and a clip in honor of Argenteuil (Val-d’Oise). He is one of the personalities that the municipality highlights as part of a campaign called Argenteuil intensely. This adverb resonated with him when the representatives of the town hall presented him with this project. “It’s a word that speaks to me a lot,” he says. For a long time, I wanted to make a song for this city. »

This song and this clip are an opportunity for many Argenteuillais to get to know him, but Hams is far from being a novice in music. “When I was young, I felt very isolated. I was withdrawn. As soon as I was alone, I put on music. I covered funk songs, French variety. It helped me escape,” he says. He formed his first band with a friend, Nar6. “We were part of a collective, Ménage à trois. It was rappers, we were the singing part, ”he says. The collective is known in particular for a mixtape with DJ Cut Killer, Special MA3, released in 1995.

He joined a second group, still in an RnB vein, baptized 1team. He collaborates with the Argenteuil group of rappers VNF. “We were produced by Menelik, we had signed with BMG,” he says. Pascal Obispo was interested in the project. “There were problems, it didn’t happen,” he sums up. The group disbanded. Everyone took their direction. Hams continues solo and a new project is born. “I was signed to Big Ali’s label (an American rapper living in France), Madison music. We released two singles. We had to make an album. We parted on good terms. He had his priorities. »

Passed by The Voice

Despite these disappointments, he is more determined than ever to make his music known. After opening his Poézic label, he is working on an album, his first. He almost made one the salt, but preferred to withdraw fearing to be locked in a musical style. “I want to make music for everyone. I would like my message to have no borders,” he underlines.

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He also remembers producers who wanted to highlight his stuttering. “I didn’t want to. I don’t want people to like me for that,” he argues. His speech difficulties sometimes played tricks on him. During the first season of The Voice, he appeared before the jury. “I was in control of my song, but in my head, the only thing I was thinking about was the aftermath, when I was going to have to talk to millions of people. I was stressed, I sang badly, ”he confides. He evokes no regrets. “It was a test. I was not as strong, as mature as today. We evolve, we become better. »

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