Arestovich announced the flight of officers at the beginning of the war

Photo: General Staff of the APU

Some Ukrainian officers did not believe in the possibility of resisting Russian troops

Many generals and senior officers did not believe in the possibility of resisting Russia, says Arestovich.

At the beginning of the Russian invasion, many Ukrainian generals and officers fled, Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the President’s Office, said in an interview with the channel Centre.

“Of course, a lot of people fled. Few people talk about it. A huge number of senior officers, a huge number of generals fled. There were meetings in the power ministries of Ukraine for hours that it was time to run away. Except the Ministry of Defense, most likely. And some respected people said: “I’m old Soviet soldier, I know that we are a mess, a matter of a couple of hours,” says Arestovich.

Also, according to him, there were proposals to evacuate to the West and “from there to steer the resistance that will remain.”

“But the guys at the checkpoints didn’t know this. The cadets of military schools who were thrown into battle didn’t know. They saw the enemy and fired. And it turned out that the enemy was quite “paper,” said Arestovich.

In his opinion, Ukraine will have several more military clashes with Russia.

“Either with Putin, or with Navalny until 2032-35 – we will have at least two or three more rounds with Russia. Not so large-scale, although one will also be big. And two small ones – border incidents, an attempt to capture Kharkov, separately – Mariupol With a probability of 95% it will,” Arestovich believes.

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Meanwhile in Russia continue to pull military equipment to the borders with Ukraine and to the Donbass, where a big battle is expected that will determine the outcome of the war.

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