Arenas and Bastianini won motorcycle titles in Portimao

Rafael Marchante, Reuters

The winner of this year’s three Grand Prix Arenas entered the last fifteenth race with an eight-point lead ahead of the Japanese Aio Ogura and an eleven-point race ahead of the Italian Tony Arbolin. Both of them finished ahead of Arenas, who took 12th place, but they managed to pull down the lead of the twenty-three-year-old racer on the KTM machine in the same way to only four points. The Spaniard Raúl Fernández won the Moto3 race.

“It’s an incredible feeling, I’m going to need some time to work it out. We’ve had a hard time this season, so I’m glad we made it to the end,” Arenas said. He won three of the first five races of the season and was second in Brno, but for the rest of the year his best result was third place in France. “I drove well at first from the beginning, but then suddenly the rear tire went off and it was very nervous, especially in the last lap,” added the rider, who was celebrating the title in an improvised ice cream parlor right on the track.

Thanks to better results in individual races, Arbolino, a teammate of Filip Salač, became the world vice-champion. The Czech rider had to miss the last two Grand Prix of the season due to injury and finished 21st.

Bastianini finished fifth in Portimao and beat second place in the 2016 Moto3 Championship. Australian Remy Gardner, son of Wayne Gardner, 1987’s world champion in the royal cubature of 1987, finished first in the Portuguese Grand Prix.

Bastianini was defeated by all three opponents, who could still knock him down from first place in the overall standings. Luca Marini, Sam Lowes and Marco Bezzecchi finished second to fourth, but Bastianini finished right behind them. In the championship, the winner of three races this year triumphed, including the Brno Grand Prix, nine points ahead of Marini and Lowes, who fought his way to the podium today despite an injured wrist.

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“Unbelievable. This is the best day of my life. The bike is also happy,” said the new champion, who, like Marini, will race in MotoGP for the Avintia Ducati team next season.

The final of the strongest class was sovereignly dominated by Oliveira, who finished for the second victory of the season. Nine riders shared the triumphs in 14 races, in addition to Oliveira, only three-time winners Franco Morbidelli from Italy and Frenchman Fabio Quartararo managed to win more than once. Champion Mir won the only race last time in the European GP in Valencia, but ended the life season as he started it, because he did not reach the finish line.

Today, Morbidelli’s third place behind Australian Jack Miller was enough to strengthen his position as world vice-champion. In the third season in MotoGP after winning the title in Moto2, it is clearly his best result, last year he was tenth.

Results of the Grand Prix of Portugal road motorcycles:
1. R. Fernández (Šp. / KTM) 38: 06,272,
2. Foggia (It./Honda) -5.810,
3. Bedroom -5,866,
4. García (both Šp. / Honda) -6,447,
5. Arbolino (It./Honda) -12,998,
6. D. Binder (JAR/KTM) -13,065.
Final standings MS (after 15 races):
1. Arenas (Sp. / KTM) 174,
2. Arbolino 170,
3. Ogura (Jap./Honda) 170,
4. R. Fernández 159,
5. Vietti (It./KTM) 146,
6. Masiá (Šp. / Honda) 140,
…21. Salač (CR / Honda) 30.
1. Gardner (Austr./Kalex) 39:35,476,
2. Marini (It./Kalex) -1,609,
3. Lowes (Brit./Kalex) -3,813,
4. Bezzecchi -8,437,
5. Bastianini (oba It./Kalex) -8,646,
6. Martín (Šp. / Kalex) -8,899.
Final standings MS (after 15 races):
1. Bastianini 205,
2. Marini 196,
3. Lowes 196,
4. Bezzecchi 184,
5. Martin 160,
6. Gardner 135.
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1. Oliveira (Portug./KTM) 41:48,163
2. Miller (Austr./Ducati) -3,193
3. Morbidelli (It./Yamaha) -3,298
4. P. Espargaró (Šp. / KTM) -12,626
5. Nakagami (Jap./Honda) -13,318
6. Dovizioso(It./Ducati) -15,578.
Final standings of the World Cup (after 14 races):
1. Mir (Sp. / Suzuki) 171
2. Morbidelli 158
3. Rins (Šp./Suzuki) 139
4. Dovizioso 135
5. Quartararo (Fr./Yamaha) 135
6. Vinales (Sp. / Yamaha) 132.


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