Area of ​​A Coruña: The Vía Ártabra, the impossible work Radio Coruña

Mayors of metropolitan area of ​​A Coruña have shown their outrage at the delays in the construction of the connection of the Vía Ártabra with the AP-9. Years of waiting for a work that has agreed to finance the Xunta de Galicia, but that is pending the approval of the Ministry of development and that doesn’t quite solve.

The budget line exists. However, this week, on Radio Coruña de Cadena SER, the Government delegate in Galicia, Javier Losada, had not just given a date for its administrative release and subsequent construction.

A road that would decongest the traffic on the main roads of entry to the city of A Coruña, so loaded and with a high accident rate on rainy days.

The mayor of Potters, Ángel García Seoane, calls it a “scandal”. “It is a decision of the Madrid government. When they are interested, they negotiate the entrance to Santiago, the Rande bridge, and now a connection that pays in full to the Xunta de Galicia with European funds is stopped,” he said.

García Seoane understands that the continuation towards the Northwest highway, the A6, must be approached once the connection between Ártabra and Ap9 is resolved.

The mayor of Cambre, Óscar García Patiño, denounces neglect on the part of the Administrations. “The Xunta de Galicia does not have authorization from the Ministry,” he said, regarding the connection with the highway and added: “It is incredible that they are starting to carry out a project without first having all the necessary permits; we do not know how this will end.”

Cambre considers that the connection between Ártabra and the AP-9 motorway must be made through Cuatro Caminos and must be toll-free. From there, he considers, it is easier to get to the A-6 highway and it would not generate an environmental impact on the municipality and specifically on the Fraga de Cecebre.


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