Are you going to the water? These swimming pools are not suitable for swimming! OVERVIEW

The Ministry of Health and hygiene stations are monitoring this year for almost 200 natural swimming pools. Most localities have good quality water and swimming is suitable (marked with blue smileys on the map). You can go swimming without worries, for example, to the reservoir in Sezimovo Ústí, to the Dobrovice swimming pool, to the Hracholusky reservoir, to the Dalešice dam or to the Nové Mlýny reservoir.

Deteriorated water quality (marked by green smileys), but still not dangerous, awaits you, for example, at the Kdyně swimming pool, in the Babylon pond, in Slapy or in Lake Poděbrady.

An orange smiley indicates poor water quality, and bathing could have health consequences for more sensitive people. This danger is threatened, for example, on two beaches in Lipno, in the Kachlička pond or in Tyrš’s natural swimming pool.

Water quality in natural swimming pools

Red frowning smileys mean that the water does not meet hygienic requirements. “It poses a health risk for users, bathing is not recommended especially for children, pregnant women, people suffering from allergies and those with a weakened immune system,” warns the Ministry of Health.

Currently, this applies to the Staňkovsky pond in the South Bohemian region, where the water is not currently polluted, but given the results for the past seasons, it is collectively assessed as unsatisfactory. It is also the beach Horní Planá in Lipno, where there is an above-limit number of cyanobacteria. The Chrastava swimming pool is unsuitable due to microbiological pollution and the Brušperk reservoir and the Těrlická dam due to the presence of cercariae (larvae).

In some swimming pools we can even find black smileys, which warn that the water is dangerous for swimming and there is a risk of acute damage to health. Bathing is prohibited in these places. Therefore, you should avoid the Great Pond in Karlovy Vary, the Skalka Reservoir, the Rosnička Pond, the Chabařovice Swimming Pool, the Pod Hradem Pond in Bohušov in the Bruntál Region, the Orlík Reservoir (specifically Podolsko) and the Trnávka Reservoir in the Pelhřimov Region.

Table - No bathing

The Ministry of Health updates data on water quality in natural swimming pools every week. If you want to see the situation in a particular place, you can visit the website, where you will find an interactive map.

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