Are You Experiencing a Broken Bone? Stop This Bad Habit……

GALAMEDIA – Orthopedic and Traumatology Specialist from the National Brain Center Hospital, dr. Muhammad Adib Khumaidi, Sp.OT said there were a number of things that could hinder healing condition broken bones or fracture and one of them smoke.

“Smoking can damage blood vessel and lower blood circulation,” said he, who is a member of the Indonesian Association of Orthopedic & Traumatology Specialists (PABOI) in a health webinar, Monday, April 4, 2022.

He further disclosed, things that could be an obstacle healing fracture, namely movement of the injured bone, health conditions due to diabetes, hormonal disorders or disease blood vesselsevere, complicated and infected fractures, old age and old age.

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“The management of fracture conditions in patients with this etiology must also address the things that can affect the patient’s etiology healing this fracture,” said Adib.

In healingas quoted by Galamedia from Antara, there is a risk of disturbance that can be influenced by the location, type of fracture, vascularization, fracture fragments, immobility, infection, metabolic disease, nutrition and drugs.

Adib said, about 10 percent of fractures show interference healing. Most cases of infection occurred in the condition of an open fracture of the tibia.

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Phase healing fractures include the formation of inflammation, the formation of cartilage from stem cells, replacement of cartilage into bone, the remodeling phase. Patients need to understand this phase to know when to return to mobilization.

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“The patient’s question is, when can you let go of the stick, can you move right away? Very much influenced by phase healing fracture and this will also differ on the clinical condition i.e. closed or open, age. This means that pediatric patients with adults differ in duration healing fracture,” explained Adib.

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