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Are You Diabetes or Not? Here’s How To Check It Yourself – Berita Jambi Ekspres

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JAKARTA – Diabetes is one of the top killers in the world. But the problem is, not everyone is aware of its potential and dangers.

Being able to prevent someone from becoming diabetics, or while they are still in the prediabetes stage, is very crucial to prevent them from becoming full-time diabetes.

For that it is important for you and your family, to monitor blood sugar levels, to prevent things that are not desired to happen.

Here is a diagnosis that you can do yourself as reported by Healthline:

1. The temporary test

Check your blood sugar at random and unplanned times (make sure you have your own blood sugar test kit). If your blood sugar level is 200 mg / dL or more, then you are positive for diabetes.

2. Fasting blood sugar

Here you have to fast at night. Check your fasting blood sugar the next morning. In normal people, fasting sugar levels are 100 mg/dL or less.

3. Glucose tolerance test

You fasted overnight, and have checked the results of fasting blood sugar. After that, drink a sweet drink, and check again two hours later. If your blood sugar level shows 140 mg / dL or less, then your condition is fairly normal. 140-199 mg / dL are signs of prediabetes. Lifestyle changes will determine whether you will develop diabetes or return to normal.

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