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There is a ‘hyper focus’ on the vaccines and their side effects, experts warn. We would rather focus on the full ICs and how we can prevent them from overflowing.

Professor of immunology Marjolein van Egmond explains at the NOS: “A vaccine can sometimes cause the same kind of reaction as the disease itself. For example, people with swine flu sometimes develop narcolepsy, just like a small number of vaccinees. Then somewhere the immune system gets confused and it attacks part of their own body. . ” This is now also happening with corona vaccines.

The fact that this side effect has not been noticed before is because it is so rare. The vaccine has been tested on a large group of people, but of course not on millions. “The side effect is so rare that it will only become noticeable when millions of people have been vaccinated,” said Van Egmond.

That is also the difference with other vaccines, explains professor by special appointment of vaccine development Gideon Kersten. “Under normal circumstances, if you introduce a new vaccine, you use it maybe 250,000 times a year. Then those side effects come in drop by drop. Now the side effects are becoming apparent more quickly, it is in the news a lot and it may seem worse than it is.”

The thrombosis side effect appears to occur with other vaccines in addition to AstraZeneca. “But are you going to pause the vaccination with these vaccines? You can’t keep doing that. Ultimately, for most people the chance of getting serious disease from corona is much greater than the small chance of this side effect. Both risks must be taken into account. are explained, so that people can make their own decisions, “concludes Van Egmond.

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