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East Asia “In-depth Cover Notes” (#170)

A 77-year-old woman receives oxygen therapy at a hospital during the coronavirus outbreak in a village in Tonglu county, Zhejiang province, China, January 9 (Photo: Reuters/Aflo)

As the new year began, China began practicing “wolf warrior diplomacy” (diplomacy that barks at other countries like a wolf).

Shortly after noon on January 10, Chinese official media suddenly reported that the Chinese Embassy in South Korea had made the announcement. It seems so:

The above measures will be adjusted based on whether or not South Korea’s discriminatory entry restrictions against China are lifted.

Chinese Embassy in South Korea January 10, 2023>

A day after foreign ministers confirmed ‘China-Korea friendship’, China decided to ‘exclude Koreans’

The point is “for now, Koreans will not be allowed to enter the country.” This was announced by the official WeChat account, not on the website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Chinese Embassy in Seoul.

However, at 21:20 on January 9 the previous day, he announced the friendship between China and South Korea by saying, “Minister of Foreign Affairs Qin Gang (Minister of Foreign Affairs) made a phone call with Minister of Foreign Affairs Park Jin of South Korea.” This is a phone call to greet friendly countries following the appointment of US Ambassador Qin Gang as the new foreign minister on December 12.

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“Qin Gang said: China and South Korea are irreplaceable neighbors and irreplaceable partners. The solid and stable development of China-ROK relations is in line with the common interests of both sides and is an important direction in which both sides continue to struggle.

I would like to build a good working relationship with the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Park Jin). And together, we hope to successfully implement the important consensus of the heads of state of both countries. We are willing to consolidate our foundation, have a long-term vision, grasp the big picture of friendship, condense the power of cooperation, and carry forward China-ROK relations steadily and far.

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