Are vitamin supplements good for you?

Vitamin supplements are often used hoping to get the results seen in advertising.

There are supplements that promise to boost immunity, slow premature aging, control stress, and so on.

The market for supplements is also growing strongly in Italy. During the winter to counteract seasonal ailments and during the summer to have more vitality.

It is normal to wonder if vitamin supplements are good for you and if they give the desired result.

Actually a varied e balanced nutrition is what is needed to satisfy any request from our organization.

Several American studies have shown that taking a multivitamin daily offered no benefit for disease prevention.

However, these supplements are often self-prescribed, without considering their side effects and without medical advice.

Who are they for?

To people who follow a vegan diet.

Having a diet based only on plants, they must take vitamin B12 supplements.

Vitamin B12 is a substance found in fish, dairy products, and meat. Our body needs a small amount of it, but is unable to produce it by itself. It is an essential substance for boosting the immune system, producing red blood cells and protecting the nervous and circulatory systems.

Women who are pregnant (or wanting to become pregnant) are another category that needs some vitamin supplements.

For the accuracy of folic acid, vitamin B9, essential for the synthesis of DNA and which tends to protect and favor the development of the embryo.

Seniors also often need vitamin supplements because they are at risk for nutritional deficiencies. They tend to eat and drink little, or may have trouble chewing or swallowing.

So are vitamin supplements good for you?

Taking supplements when you have deficiencies is not only good for you, but allows you to reach recommended levels.

In healthy people, however, they can cause side effects, so avoid abusing them.

The best thing to do before starting to take vitamin supplements is to seek medical advice. After you have done the necessary tests, your doctor can tell you if you need them and which ones to take.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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