Are they calling from the bank? You won’t even know something’s wrong

Millennium warns its clients against attacks by fraudsters. This time, they encourage you to download dangerous and unauthorized applications by Millennium. All this to remotely control your phone. The situation may even end up losing your savings.

Millennium appeals to its customers

Millennium Bank issued an appeal to its clients warning against fraudsters pretending to be TeleMillennium hotline employees. As it turns out, fraudsters pretending to be employees persuade Millennium customers to download the application on the phone. Of course, the bank does not authorize this application. Where is all this leading to?

The Minister of Health has just announced his decision. The provision covers each subsequent monthread on

Millennium reports that fraudsters encourage customers to install the QuickSupport application that allows remote control of the phone. – Attention! Bank numbers may be displayed during the call, and the fraudsters have some customer details, according to the Millennium announcement. At the same time, the bank reminds that, apart from its official application, it does not provide any other applications.

1. A group of Poles will be paid almost twice as much. There is confirmation from the minister
2. Note, be vigilant. Fraudsters have just started acting, warns Bank Millennium
3. It is enough for someone from your family to transfer money to you and you can end up with the tax. Fortunately, it can be avoided

Millennium warns against application

Millennium also reminds customers not to download other suspicious applications and not to disclose their personal data to anyone. Moreover, he warns against sharing his logins for internet banking, which should also be used only through a verified application.

Millennium is not the only bank that has decided to warn its clients. As it turns out, the customers of Getin Bank are also victims of the fraudsters. In this case, they pretend to be investment representatives and urge you to install the AnyDesk application. In this case, the device is also controlled remotely. It looks like you really need to be very careful.

An almost perfect scam.  Check the letters from the office at least twice and have someone else check themAn almost perfect scam. Check the letters from the office at least twice and have someone else check themread on


  1. Attention, important information regarding school attendance. Parents and students need to prepare
  2. The 10-year-old suddenly fell over and died. The girl’s mother appeals to all parents, the tragedy could have been avoided
  3. They will provoke, they will pretend to be someone else. And then they will impose a gigantic penalty
  4. A new chain has entered Poland. Has a wide assortment, but no food
  5. It happened, the government finally got it. The new tax is getting closer, Poles have something to fear
  6. She entered the store and reached behind the counter. The woman wanted to steal money for sick Zosia, the whole city is looking for her
ING with an important appeal to customers.  The bank introduces restrictionsING with an important appeal to customers. The bank introduces restrictionsread on

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