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Archery for Beginners: A Nature-Oriented Sport Suitable for All Ages and Skill Levels

The success of the five men is quickly recognizable. The disc is not even missed. The trainer increases the distance: from five to 12 meters from the target, then 15 meters. After 45 minutes, the troops feel safe. You start in the small 3D course with your trainer. The equipment will also be expanded. The men get a leather finger guard to avoid pain on the fingertips. An arm guard is also put on in case a tendon slips off the finger.

The hike with shooting at dummy animals lasts an hour and a half. It goes uphill and downhill, across meadows and through forests. Once the dummies are hanging on a tree, once they are down in a small ravine. After the course, the group can expect the so-called golf shot. Here everyone can test how far they can shoot with a bow and arrow. All five manage well over 100 meters. And the conclusion: “The nice thing is that you’re out and about. You have to concentrate and the tension goes away when the arrow flies,” sums up participant Heiko Lesch. The course for beginners will not be his last, he says.

Course for families, amateurs and professionals

Archery is a sport related to nature and it is suitable for everyone. In Gößweinstein, various parcours paths lead through alpine-looking woodland and part of the Eibenwald natural forest reserve. You can shoot at 28 targets. If you don’t want to shoot dummy animals, there are small gremlins, pumpkins or discs waiting for you. In 2019, the German national team of the DSB was also a guest there for preparation.

In Gößweinstein, a 90-minute beginner’s course costs 39 euros for adults and 30 euros for children. If you want to book the course with completing the course, you have to pay 49 euros or 40 euros. A taster course with course and guide costs 59 euros and 50 euros respectively and lasts three hours.

Archery: Olympic discipline with ancient roots

Archery has been an Olympic sport since 1972. Archery has a long history. The oldest finds of bows and arrows are over 14,000 years old. In the past, these were mainly used for hunting and war. Nowadays the equipment is only used for sports. It is shot with so-called longbows, recurve bows or with the high-tech device, the compound bow.

The sport is particularly suitable for people who sit a lot at the computer. The upright posture when shooting helps against back pain and a tense neck. Exercise also improves hand-eye coordination and concentration. Archery also uses muscles that are too weak for many people.

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