Archbishop Rahma criticizes the obstructed Christian deputies: the seventh point is approaching

Alan Sarkis writes in “Nidaa Al-Watan”: Very formulated positions also stand out for the Maronite pastor of the diocese of Baalbek-Deir Al-Ahmar, Bishop Hanna Rahma, who expresses his dissatisfaction with the situation and tells “Nidaa Al- Watan”: “May God protect us from what is coming against us.”

Bishop Rahma expresses his disappointment with the status quo, and it is likely that the presidential vacuum will continue, because “there is an important part of the deputies who do not play their role in the elections and tend to obstruct”. It is recalled that he said at the mass for the martyrs of the “Lebanese Resistance” in Maarab, in the autumn of 2021, that “the people have a great responsibility, which is not to elect whoever brought them to the“ bottom ”. ” My change: “God does not know where they come from.”

And if the anger is against all the obstructed deputies, then the lion’s share of the anger, according to the bishop, is a mercy that falls on the obstructed Christian deputies, and he says: “Whoever exceeds the quorum is not a human being. And why don’t they dare to say who their candidate is and elect him like the other team does?’” Then, he says that what the hampered Christian deputies are doing “represents a blow and a strong dagger that is thrust into the body of the country and the people, and they must be held responsible because they leave the country without a president and without a government”.

And if the presidential vacuum had a Christian-Maronite part, then all of Bkerke’s attempts to gather Christian representatives have failed, for which Rahma states that “the most important thing is that a Maronite gives his seat to another Maronite, so everyone have appointed to this chair while there is no longer a republic or presidential seat, which is required The agreement was on a national figure or the use of the electoral fund if there was no consensus Is there a party that adheres to the process requirements Democrat, so why doesn’t the other team do it? Thus, any Maronite summit will fail if there is no minimum agreement.

Faced with this terrible situation, believes that “salvation may be by going to Chapter VII of the United Nations, and then Lebanon will pass under international guardianship. We do not like this issue, but what saves us from these actions that are killing the I Lebanese? What some politicians do is crime against the people, so the people need salvation.”

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