Archaeologists say Mount Sinai where Moses received revelations is in Saudi Arabia


RIYADH – According to the Bible, Musa at Mount Sinai received the Ten Commandments, a set of God-ordained principles. The mountain is considered a sacred place in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

However, many historians and archaeologists doubt its historicity, saying there is no conclusive evidence to prove its existence.

“Mount Sinai, where the Prophet Moses spoke to God, really exists and is located in Saudi Arabia,” said a group of archaeologists from the Doubting Thomas Research Foundation (DTRF), a non-profit organization that investigates the history of the Bible record in a report released by Sputnik News on Monday ( 4/10/2021).

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The researchers identified Jabal Maqla, located in northwest Saudi Arabia near the border with Jordan, as the true Mount Sinai. This is the evidence that led them to reach such a conclusion.

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The Bible says when Moses reached the top of Mount Sinai, he was enveloped in smoke because God “came down on him in fire”. Archaeologists say the peak of Jabal Maqla was blackened like charred.

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Moses parted the waters of the Red Sea as he and the Israelites tried to escape the armies of the Egyptian Pharaoh.



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