Arbitration agrees to cancel three goals by Red Bull Bragantino against Botafogo and not to score a penalty

Finally the Botafogo had a correct arbitration in the Brazilian championship. More than that, the referees hit difficult markings, all favorable to Alvinegro in the 1-0 victory over Red Bull Bragantinothis Monday (4/7), for the 15th round, at Nabi Abi Chedid Stadium.

In the second half, Bragantino had three well-disallowed goals, all for offside. Two of them needed help from the WAS to be invalidated.

At the end, the referee Ramon Abatti Abel acted correctly and did not score a penalty Victor Cuesta in Helinho, who forced himself and threw himself. VAR still called the referee to review, but he kept the field decision.

For me, the defender is careful, he has contact but it’s not enough. Ramon Abatti is well positioned, on top of the move. It was analyzing impact, for me the attacker doesn’t fall for that. When the referee says it was nothing, the VAR asks where the contact took place. Based on this information, he makes the call or not, for the referee to assess whether the bid is faulty or not. – explained Fernanda Colomboand “Whistle Center“, from “SporTV / Premiere”.

The referee still had one more hit when expelling Eric Ramireswho attacked Hugo with a ball in the head with the game already stopped.

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