Arath de la Torre leaves Hoy after testing positive for covid-19

Arath de la Torre left the television program Hoy before the end of last Thursday’s broadcast because his wife, Susy Lu, informed him that he had tested positive for covid-19 and that he could also be infected with the coronavirus.

The actor tested positive for covid-19

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The actor tested positive for covid-19

The actor and presenter of the Televisa entertainment space said that he communicated the news to the producer andrea rodriguez and that she suggested he leave immediately to undergo the antigen test, so he left at full speed and without saying goodbye to anyone.

“I’m a little sad. The truth is that I was having a good time, I had come back with a lot of strength, a lot of enthusiasm and now it was Cain’s turn. My wife came out positive yesterday and I took the test when I left the program and it also came out positive at night, “he explained. Arath de la Torre to his colleagues during this Friday’s broadcast.

“I have to be in quarantine for a while. We are waiting three days, more or less, to see if the children had any type of contagion, because obviously, we have been together. We will wait for them to be well, ”said the actor with a downcast countenance.

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He said that precisely this Thursday they sent him his vaccination certificate and recommended that the public who is going through a similar situation take it easy.

“Fortunately I have mild symptoms, almost asymptomatic, but don’t be overconfident, wear a mask because right now everyone has a friend with Covid, that’s what the memes say.” Arath de la Torre joins the driver Raul Araiza , who is also infected with covid-19.

Paul Stanley He has not appeared on the show because his partner also tested positive, however, his test was negative, so he will soon be back on the small screen.


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