Aramendi Berria Restaurant: Subtle grilled aromas in the Aramendi Berria (Zamudio)

Egoitz Ayarza and Urko Zuazua, on both sides of the poster advertising the restaurant, pose with two teammates. / Maite Bartolomé

A thoughtful renovation, visible in the glass-enclosed dining room, enhances the attractions of a restaurant specializing in meat and fish

Txema Soria

At the Aramendi Berria, located next to the Zamudio Technology Park, they handle the embers with enormous wisdom and eat superlatively. Joseba Ayarza, manager of the Aretxarte hotel, decided a few months ago together with his son Egoitz –he has studied Hotel Management and Management at the Artxanda School– to recover the premises that his aitas, Sabino Ayarza and Begoña Lopategui, opened in 1987.

Aramendi Berria (Zamudio)

  • Address
    Barrio Arteaga, 83

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  • Prices
    Menu: € 60/80. Old cow chop: € 47. Premium cutlet: € 72. Grilled octopus leg on potato parmentier and paprika oil from La Vera: € 20. Grilled turbot: € 65 per kilo. Grilled pineapple with a touch of cardamom and lemon ice cream: € 7. French toast with coffee ice cream: € 8

The opening has been preceded by a long period of renovation in which the interior of the old premises has been completely emptied to build a new kitchen and a warm glass-enclosed dining room with views of the garden and capacity for a hundred diners, designed by Verno. In the green space, a tent with tables and comfortable armchairs has been set up for the staff to have an aperitif before lunch or a drink afterwards.

At the head of the grills of this restaurant inaugurated on April 14 is Urko Zuazua along with a Champions League team. Zuazua ran the Fuentene Berria for years and in 2017 he was one of the finalists in the national grill competition held at the San Sebastián Gastronomika contest. At the head of the room are Zuriñe Fernández and Ángela Peña, sommeliers with enormous knowledge.

Grilled sea bream. /

Maite Bartolomé

The gastronomic festival can begin with some very successful grilled mushrooms on truffled potato puree and low temperature egg, grilled octopus leg on potato parmentier and paprika oil from La Vera, grilled fresh foie gras, pippin jam and a touch of Modena and Porto or grilled clams with their traditional rehash.

The fish (turbot, sea bream, monkfish, king or sea bass) are grilled and magnificent, while those who prefer meat will enjoy the old beef chop (30 days of maturation) or the Premium (40) or that of ox, available from time to time. For dessert, a delicious grilled pineapple with a touch of cardamom and lemon ice cream, French toast with coffee ice cream, glazed coulant and vanilla ice cream. They have a great wine list.



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