ARAG-ASAJA teaches a course on precision agriculture in Tricio – Radio Haro – Cadena Ser.

The agricultural organization is committed to training in this technology, which is already key to saving costs of agricultural inputs and achieving a more sustainable agriculture.

ARAG-ASAJA teaches a course on precision agriculture at its headquarters in Tricio with the aim of providing professionals in the field with new tools that allow them to save on the costs of agricultural inputs and achieve a more sustainable agriculture.

Precision agriculture consists of using the technological advances that are already incorporated in the new tractors and in the new machinery (fertilizers, sprayers, seeders, etc.) to agricultural tasks in order to improve crop productivity, obtain advantages in saving agricultural inputs (seeds, phytosanitary products, fertilizers and fuel) and reducing the environmental impact.

The course, which will take place over two days with theoretical and practical classes, will be taught by Julio Martín, technical director of precision agriculture at the JMAP company. And among its contents, it will deal with harvest yield maps, vegetation index maps, soil mapping by electrical conductivity, and practical applications on the modulation of phytosanitary doses, fertilization and planting at variable doses.

Training Plan 2022/23
This course is included in the 2022/23 Training Plan, intended for professionals in the field, and is part of the general training objectives that ARAG-ASAJA has planned for this year and which are focused not only on improving the professionalization of the sector agriculture, but also in providing them with new knowledge so that they are capable of incorporating new technologies into their farms. In addition, it is financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (FEADER).

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