Arabela Nagy returned to the fairy tale, but: CAN’T BREATHE?

Saffron († 68). But Cinderella’s representative died this year. For Nagyovou the role of the queen has always been a dream. When she received the offer, she was very happy about it. “I asked Mr. Budařeto send me the script, because I only read it on my mobile phone, and it’s not very pleasant, so many pages, “the actress described.

This is what Princess Arabel looks like today! Nagyová came for Vorlíček’s birthday!

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“But I really liked the story. So I didn’t keep him waiting long and I promised him I’d love to do it. “ she added. Nagy, who hadn’t been in front of the camera for 28 years, was used to wearing costumes. And the queen’s is damn hard. “I’m sure he’s about thirteen or fourteen pounds. Under that costume is one petticoat, the other petticoat, hoop, corset. I’m laced and everyone asks me if I can breathe. But it’s beautiful and I feel good in it, “ added Nagy in an interview for MF DNES.

Representative of Arabella Jana Nagyová

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