AR copy of the real world is getting closer

Do you remember that Niantic was almost two years ago talked about it has to want to create a virtual copy of the real world at some point in order to create completely new possibilities in the area of ​​augmented (AR), virtual (VR) and mixed reality (MR)? The ambitious company, which is also responsible for the AR titles Ingress Prime, Pokémon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, has now come a good step closer to this goal. Because like Niantics founder and CEO, John Hanke, communicates, Niantic recently acquired

That team itself has been working on technologies for some time that can be used to create a three-dimensional image of the real world. Together, the creative minds are now pursuing their goals and if you take a look at what has already developed and how Hanke envisions the future of Niantic, the result is already very conclusive:

Niantic’s 2018 vision of Pokémon GO:

Statement by John Hanke:

“Today we announce the acquisition of and warmly welcome the members of the talented team to Niantic. From now on we are developing a dynamic 3D world map together, which will enable new worldwide AR experiences. This brings us even closer to an AR platform that enables every developer to create content for current and future AR hardware.

From the beginning, our goal has been to enrich people’s daily lives and everyday lives with fun and adventure by building an expanded world that exists in parallel with and is connected to the physical world. This project requires continuous advances in AR technology that can only be implemented with an accurate and constantly updated 3D map of the real world. Thanks to the expertise of and their previous breakthroughs in AR research and technology, we are now able to advance our work even better.

Founded in 2017, was founded out of the University of Oxford’s Active Vision Lab. It develops technologies based on machine vision and tools for developers that solve basic AR problems such as 3D reconstruction and AR persistence. These and many other AR features are important parts of the Niantic experience that will bring many benefits to both our players and our developer community. The people who play our games today can look forward to additional exciting AR experiences in the future. We offer developers an innovative platform with which they will bring their AR visions to life.

So far, we’ve only scratched the surface of what AR can do – especially when it comes to the interaction between content and people and places around us. Imagine everyone could roam Pokémon habitats in the real world at the same time or watch dragons flying in the sky and landing on buildings in real time. Imagine our favorite characters taking us for a walk to hidden places or giving us insider tips for our own city. Or friends leave personal notes in the world that you can find and read later.

These are just a few examples of the type of experience that large-scale AR mapping can enable. We look forward to working with the team, with whom we will lead the way together. ”

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