Aprilia: “Right 175 HP for the Tuono V4. The Tuareg? It will be a real offroad “

In this 2021 we have seen a deeply revised RSV4, with even a small adjustment in displacement. How much does the tone change compared to before?

“She has changed as well, new swingarm, new aesthetics, new electronics, TFT screen. What has not changed are the contents of the guide, because the Tuono thrives on that balance between performance and driveability, which we did not want to change ”.

You haven’t been tempted by hypernaked over 200 hp, why?

“It was a source of discussion when we started with the project, to understand where we could go, because with the 221 HP Tuono X Aprilia Racing has shown that it is feasible. But it also made us understand that it is for a certain use. For a bike that must be usable on the road, enjoyable, in our opinion 175 HP is the right amount ”.

Are the gear ratios and the final the same?

“For the Factory, yes, while the Tuono V4 has a final two teeth longer on the crown”.

The update to Euro 5 forced to redo the exhaust and to adopt the new ceramic catalyst. Was that enough or did you have to work on other engine components?

“The Euro 5 was a tough enough challenge to set up, because beyond the emissions a very challenging aspect is linked to the mechanical noise and here it was more complicated than the RSV4, having fewer fairings. Micro adjustments have been made to stay within the limits. And then we raised the limiter by 300 rpm, replacing the valve cups with the lighter ones of the RSV4 ”.



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