April Lee Na-eun sues criminal charges for school violence-SNS remarks

April Naeun. Reporter Hwang Jin-hwan

April Ina Eun said that it has filed a criminal complaint with allegations of school violence and comments on social media as’false facts’.

On the morning of the 2nd, DSP Media said, “I filed a criminal complaint on the morning of the 2nd for spreading malicious synthetic posts and unfounded false facts towards our artists through the law firm Elves.”

“Our artists are deeply suffering from distorted and malicious false posts. From the current time of posting this notice, we are committed to creating and distributing posts containing malicious slander and unfounded false facts against our artists. We will respond strongly to this,” he warned.

DSP Media said, “There will be no prejudice or consensus,” and said, “We will do our best to protect the rights and interests of artists.”

Earlier, an article about Lee Na-eun’s former school violence perpetrator was posted on the 1st, focusing on the online community. In addition, a screen capture author who wrote a comment on SNS (Social Network Service) saying “You want to be XXX by Go Young-wook too!?!?” came up as Lee Na-eun, raising suspicion that Lee Na-eun used inappropriate expressions.

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