April fan’s warning 3 years ago… “Jinsol, I hate Hyunjoo”

[이데일리 김소정 기자] Amid suspicions that the members of the girl group’April’ bullied former member Lee Hyun-joo, the comments left by a foreign fan on April’s YouTube video three years ago are being refocused.

YouTube’April is Coming’ video capture.

On the 28th of last month, Lee Hyun-joo’s younger brother A, through the online community’Natepan’, claimed that “my sister was bullied within the group.” Mr. A revealed the emergency room medical records saying that Lee Hyun-joo suffered panic disorder and breathing difficulties due to bullying, and tried to make extreme choices.

However, April’s agency DSP has completely denied the bullying controversy.

The agency said on the 3rd, “I had two meetings with Lee Hyun-joo and her mother. Lee Hyun-joo claimed his own damage and was extremely one-sided and demanded a different position from the facts. “I had two meetings with Lee Hyun-ju and his mother. Lee Hyun-joo claimed his own damage and was extremely unilateral and demanded a different position from the facts.”

YouTube’April is Coming’ video cap

“After this time, I will take a strong civil and criminal legal response to all those who have posted articles on the Internet community, claiming that they are not only Lee Hyun-joo, but also Lee Hyun-joo’s family and acquaintances. I will make sure that the time we all had together can come to a conclusion that is not ashamed.

However, as the agency denies it, the controversy is growing. The video related to April in which Lee Hyun-joo appeared in the past is also attracting attention again. Here, comments left by foreign fans three years ago are also being highlighted.

April appeared in the reality program’April Goes’ in 2015. In the episode 3 video of April Coming, the members waited for food at a restaurant. When Lee Hyun-joo acted to eat food with chopsticks, Chae-won said, “Hyun-ju is the beginning again,” followed by Jin-sol, “Is Hyun-ju’s elder sister out of spirit?” Then Jinsol spoke to Naeun in a small voice.

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In the video, a foreign fan said, “Jinsol asks Naeun to eat what Hyunjoo does not see. “What is it?” I am glad that Hyun-joo has left the team. When I first saw this video, it seemed that Jinsol hated Hyunjoo only for me. But after a few years, I still think so even now. It is natural that April is not popular. Members like Jinsol will never be popular with such a rude attitude.”

In addition, in the video of’April is Coming’, many netizens criticized that other members ignore Lee Hyun-joo, and that Lee Hyun-joo alone looks around.


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