Approves constitutional accusation against former congresswoman Luciana León

It was unanimously approved to charge her for the alleged crimes of improper passive bribery, influence peddling and malicious embezzlement.

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The Permanent Commission of the Legislative agreed to constitutionally impeach the former legislator Luciana León for the crimes of improper passive bribery, influence peddling and fraudulent embezzlement. The decision must still go through the plenary session of the Congress. If approved, it will clear the way for the National Prosecutor’s Office y al Power of attorney to continue the investigations into the participation of the former congresswoman in the criminal network The Untouchable Ediles.

the parliamentarian Susel Paredesfrom the bench of Integrity and Developmentin the presentation of the final report on this case, indicated that there are indications that would imply the participation of the former legislator in the criminal network between March 2017 and May 2018. It is presumed that her participation in this criminal organization allowed León to receive benefits cheap monthly

According to the support of Susel ParedesLuciana León made representations to senior officials of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) to approve the execution of various works in favor of the Municipality of La Victoria. These works were carried out by the businessman Alexander Pena Quispewhom the former parliamentarian would have sought to favor.

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In his argument, Paredes read a series of Whatsapp chats between Luciana Leon and her spouse in which the former congresswoman confirms the receipt of money as well as boxes of whiskey and champagne in exchange for her efforts.

In addition, León hired ghost officials in his office at the Congress to receive a portion of these salaries.

tax thesis

According to the thesis of the prosecution of the Nationaccording to the testimony of an effective collaborator aspirant, Alexander Pena Quispe is the alleged financier of The Untouchable Ediles and in that condition he suggested that the value of the projects managed by Luciana Leon be S/ 5 million for her to take a fifth of the total.

In addition, it is recalled that in a computer seized from the old office of León Romero, the Public ministry found conversations with the adviser of the then congresswoman, Betsy Matosin which the codes of two works in La Victoria are indicated: The slopes of Palermo avenue and Parque Unión Panamericana.

It is worth mentioning that in the three crimes accused of León the vote was unanimous in favor. However, the initiative to accuse her of belonging to a criminal network was not approved due to the joint opposition of the representatives of people force and others of Advance Country.

Finally, the Permanent Commission arranged to delegate to the congresswomen Lady Camones y Susel Paredes the argumentation of the final report before the Plenary of Congress.


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