Approved impeachment of the House of Representatives… Trump’s fate handed over to the Senate

House of Representatives “Incite the Civil War… Undermining democracy”
The first two impeachment, 10 Republicans also approve
Pelosi “The President is not on the Law”
Senate vote seems to come after Biden takes office

The day of the impeachment vote… Republican lawmakers shot pizza at the National Guard While the House of Representatives voted on the impeachment bill of President Donald Trump at the US Capitol in Washington on the 13th (local time), Congressman Vicky Hatzler (Republican, Missouri, center) and Congressman Michael Waltz (Republican, Florida, right) secured the congress Pizzas are being handed over to the National Guard dispatched for reinforcement. Both lawmakers voted against the impeachment proposal. In the aftermath of the invasion of the parliament on the 6th, about 15,000 national guards were dispatched to the parliament that day. Washington = AP Newsis

US President Donald Trump was impeached on the 13th, a week before his retirement. It’s been a week since his supporters broke into the Washington Capitol and staged a violent protest. This is the first time in US history that the President has been impeached in the House of Representatives twice during his tenure. President Trump was impeached in the House of Representatives in December 2019 for the so-called “Ukrainian scandal”. At the time, the Republican Party was voted down in the Senate.

On the 13th, the House of Representatives presented an impeachment prosecution against President Trump, which was charged with’incitement of civil war’, to the plenary session and passed it with 232 votes in favor and a majority of 197 votes against (433 in total). In addition to 222 Democrats, 10 Republican lawmakers, including the third Republican (Chairman of the General Assembly) and Liz Cheney, approved the impeachment. The impeachment bill stated that President Trump denied the presidential election and undermined democracy and constitution by encouraging supporters to invade the Capitol and overturning the election results. The direct reason for the impeachment was the’incitement of civil war’ that promoted the violence of the Parliament House, but it is also a judgment on the fact that he continued to argue against the presidential election by raising suspicion of unfair election for more than two months before the presidential election last November.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a press conference shortly after the impeachment bill was passed and said, “Our Congress declared that no one, even the President of the United States, is above the law. President Trump signed the impeachment bill after criticizing it as “a clear and present danger to the state.”

The impeachment bill passed through the House of Representatives is passed to the Senate and proceeds for impeachment trial. Republican Senate Representative Mitch McConnell said, “No matter how fast the Senate moves, we can’t make a conclusion before President Trump leaves office.” Washington = Correspondent Lee Jung-eun, [email protected]Go to reporter page>

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