Appreciate the parade! Korean student performs CPR to save man from sudden heart attack

Appreciate the parade! Korean student performs CPR to save man from sudden heart attack

It went viral around the world for four young girls’ street rescue incidents, suggesting that CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) should become a universal curriculum in schools. basic

On January 16, the CCTV of December 23, last year was revealed. The minute a man walks in a normal manner. before falling unconsciously onto the road Before there were 4 female high school students who were about to pass by, stopped and watched impatiently. One of the female students calmly assisted an apnea patient by performing accurate CPR within four minutes to help a man regain consciousness.

The other friends along with two other passers-by helped to use a hot compress to warm the man’s body. Ready to massage the limbs and call 119 to call an ambulance for help. until the ambulance arrived at the scene. A man with heart failure was found to have collapsed from a sudden heart attack and was immediately taken to the hospital.

According to reports, the man has survived and is living a healthy life. Award referrals for ‘Righteous and Brave Students’ to 4 students: Kim Seo Yoon, Kim Hye Min, Shin So Won and Anye Bin, students at Jakjeon Girls’ High School.

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ready said “The students’ heroic actions saved lives and became an example for many students and citizens. I am proud of my students.” All 4 students are students of the health and medical department club. Just got back from teaching CPR to other students at a school festival.

The students said while the man lay down on the ground At first, he thought he was drunk, but after observing it, he found that The man had a convulsion and immediately took off his mask. It was then discovered that the lips of the unconscious had turned blue-purple and were unable to breathe properly.”Luckily, I was able to save someone’s life with the CPR method that I learned on a regular basis.”

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