Apple’s Temptation to Keep Up with the Chinese Government


The Chinese government issued an appeal to Apple what might be done to keep Apple from moving its production facilities overseas China.

This was revealed from the meeting of the Minister of Commerce of China Wang Wentao with Apple CEO Tim Cook. According to China’s Ministry of Commerce, the two exchanged views regarding Apple’s development in China.

The two discussed how to stabilize the industry and supply chain in China. Wang is also said to have promised to provide a good industrial environment for Apple and other foreign companies. Wang also said China is ready to promote new regulations, management, standards and systems.

Cook visited Beijing last week to attend the China Development Forum organized by the Chinese Government. He also had time to praise various innovations in China which according to him grew very fast.

As well as meeting with Cook, Minister Wang also met with the bosses of other international companies, including Pfizer, BMW and Qualcomm.

Previously reported, Apple CEO Tim Cook took advantage of his visit to China to praise the rapid growth of innovation in the country, including appreciating China’s long-term cooperation with Apple.

This is the first time Cook has issued a public statement in China. Cook visited Beijing, China, to attend the China Development Forum, an event organized by the Chinese government, which was also attended by CEOs from companies such as Pfizer and BMW.

“Innovation is growing very fast in China, and I believe it will continue to accelerate,” said Cook, as written by The Paper, a media from China.

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Cook’s visit to China comes at a time when tensions between the US and China are running high. Likewise with Apple’s plans to reduce its dependence on supply chains and production facilities in China, and move to countries like India.

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