Apple’s Fourth-Generation iPhone SE 4: Release Date and Changes Predicted by Bloomberg

Apple’s Fourth-Generation iPhone SE 4: Release Date and Changes Predicted by Bloomberg

Apple launched the third generation iPhone SE this year that supports 5G Internet access. (Picture/reproduced from Apple’s official website)

Apple’s iPhone SE 3, which focuses on small size and affordable positioning, was released in March last year. It is equipped with an A15 chip, supports 5G Internet access, and retains a 4.7-inch small screen and a physical home button. It is the cheapest first choice for many Apple fans to buy an iPhone at the price threshold. Regarding the next-generation successor, when will the fourth-generation iPhone SE 4 be launched? In this regard,Mark Gurman, a well-known reporter from Bloomberg Giving the latest prediction, he said that the fastest debut time is most likely to be next year or 2024.

As for the changes in the appearance and price of the fourth-generation iPhone SE 4 as its successor? Mark Gurman further pointed out that the SE series will basically maintain its affordable positioning, and the price is expected to continue the same strategy as the iPhone SE 3. This means that the price of mobile phones will not increase. The main key consideration is to ensure that the SE series can be competitive in the mid-range market and the Android camp. For reference, iPhone SE 3 was launched last year with a starting price of US$429 (recommended selling price in Taiwan is 14,900 yuan).

In terms of body appearance, Mark Gurman believes that the biggest change in the new generation iPhone SE 4 is that it is more likely to adopt a body design based on the iPhone 14. This also means that the physical home button that has been in the previous SE series for three generations will likely be abandoned. However, Mark Gurman did not give a clear statement on whether the fuselage will be equipped with a notch screen, and whether the screen size will be upgraded to 6.1 inches as previously rumored.

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