Apple’s dual-port USB-C adapter charges two devices at the same power

On sale since yesterday, Apple’s new dual-port USB-C adapter (65 €) reveals its secrets through a help sheet not yet localized in French. To begin with, we learn that if you only have one device to charge, you just have to plug it into one or the other of the ports of the adapter – it goes better by saying it!

When charging two devices, the adapter will generally provide them with a similar amount of power. By connecting for example a MacBook and an iPhone or an iPad, each of them will receive 17.5W. Ditto for connecting an iPhone and an iPad, the maximum power will be 17.5W for each of the terminals.

On the other hand, a Mac or an iPhone will receive 27.5W with an Apple Watch or AirPods which will therefore be satisfied with 7.5W. Anyway, these last two devices don’t need more, it’s even oversized for headphones.

If ever a device requires more power, it is better to let it charge alone so that it benefits from the maximum 35W. And if one of its devices is even more greedy – like a 14-inch MacBook Pro (67W) or a 16-inch (140W) – then this adapter is not for you.

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