Apple’s AR glasses more or less planned for the end of 2024

Apple’s mixed reality headset is still not on our noses and we already have to prepare for the manufacturer’s glasses. According to Jeff Pu, a generally well-informed analyst, Apple is planning a launch of this AR device towards the end of 2024.

Image Global X (CC BY)

Even more than the helmet, these glasses are the subject of many conjectures. They must be discreet and light enough to be worn at any time of the day and night, autonomous enough to operate for long hours without constantly being charged, powerful enough to deliver the augmented reality experiences that Apple has in mind. Without forgetting that they must also be socially acceptable.

In 2019, Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple glasses would work a bit like the Apple Watch (at least the first generations): an iPhone would be essential to power the device’s AR applications.

As for the helmet, it could be released early next year, with a special event maybe in January, Kuo explained. Apple is already working on the second generation of this product, which will arrive at the end of 2024 in the wake of the glasses. Apple would therefore have in mind to bring two ranges of AR devices to life in parallel, a helmet and glasses.

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