Apple’s A14 chip is not SO much faster, but may deliver longer battery life

Less offensive than the A12 and A13 were.

Yes, the iPad Air 4 is much faster than the A12 chip that runs the iPad Mini 5, iPad Air 3 and iPad 8 (which was also announced together with the new Air yesterday).

Apple very first with 5 nm

As you noticed, Apple introduced the chip as 40 percent faster on the CPU part than the iPad Air 3 with A12 chip, but what is it about – single-core or multi-core performance? Unsure.

However, AnandTech has been counting on it, and finds that Apple seems to have gone for a far less aggressive maximum speeds with the new chip, and instead wants the chips to be cooler, longer.

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How much RAM does the new Air have? We do not know yet

The A12 and A13 pushed the performance forward a lot, but also developed a lot of heat. Quick mat is equivalent to A14 only 16 percent faster than the A13 chip, and a GPU that is 30 percent faster compared to the A12, but only 8.3 percent faster compared to the A13.

All this can be a hint in the direction that the A14X does not get so much faster, but instead focuses on steady and stable performance to keep battery life on top.

We’ll see in October, when Apple is expected to reveal its Silicon machines with price and launch info.

See yesterday’s press conference:

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