Apple would work on a prototype that turns your iPhone into a desktop Mac

It would be enough to connect the iPhone to a special port to convert it to a desktop Mac that runs MacOS

With the popularity of smartphones, desktop computers are increasingly seen as a less necessary tool. It happens in the PC realm, and Apple She is not exempt with her Mac and iPhone.

However, the most recent projects of the Cupertino boys, with the integration of their new chips Apple Silicon, it seems that they would be directed to eliminate the dividing line between those two worlds.

A report has just emerged that is bursting with excitement and excitement to devotees of the Apple community.

But we must take everything with the prudence and proper magnitude that corresponds to a rumor not so confirmed.

Since the leaker @MauriQHD He published through his official Twitter account that Apple would be working on a prototype capable of turning your iPhone into a desktop Mac.

The details are as relatively short as the post that has sparked this avalanche for a week.

But apparently the iPhone prototype, thanks to the Apple Silicon it would be able to run MacOS Big Sur without problem, not iOS.

So it would only be enough to connect the smartphone to a special port to turn a simple monitor into a complete desktop Mac.

The illustration that starts this note refers us to a patent registered in 2016 on that same line of ideas.

So that project is probably not dead.


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