Apple would launch a virtual reality headset in 2022

Foto: Bloomberg.

By: Drafting 360 Radio

Last year Apple became the most valuable company in the world and that position is not in vain. By 2022, the technology giant will bet on the construction of a virtual reality helmet, a new high-end device that adds to the company’s portfolio.

As reported Bloomberg, the virtual reality headset will be designed to interact, communicate and play through it with different environments, also considering that Apple acquired NextVR, a company that records concerts and sports games in virtual reality.

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In this helmet, Apple plans to include state-of-the-art chips, even better than those already on the market, as well as high-definition images. In addition, this device would not be sold massively, but would serve as a pre-augmented reality glasses that will come out a year after the launch of the helmet.

Regarding how much it could cost, the American portal assures that it would be more expensive than those of the competition, which range between 300 and 900 dollars, so it would become one of the most expensive products of the brand next to the desktop Mac Pro, whose value is $ 5,900.

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