Apple will let you unlock your iPhone using face masks

Apple understood, along with a huge group of brands, that the opportunity to transform the market could not be missed.

The use of the mask is a controversial issue, which reminds us how important it is today to have commercial proposals that adapt to this accessory.

Some of the things that we can’t lose sight of in today’s tech market are the value of big brands like Apple.

The technology market is innovating more and more and these changes have focused on the new lifestyles that are being experienced in the market and as we will see with the case of Apple, largely due to the health contingency that has caused all kinds of havoc. market.

Faced with these challenges, one element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that reveals to us how important it has become to approach consumers from new angles and that of their health is fundamental.

As you would expect, in this series of changes there are some things that are essential to get the best performance from the products.

Changes to iPhone

iPhone is testing an update that seeks to allow you to unlock your smartphone while wearing your mask, but there is a small condition for that to happen.

Reports from the media that have had access to the beta version of this new update claim that it allows unlocking when you use your Apple Watch.

The way this update works is that you can unlock the phone when you have your Apple Watch on, however, the only thing that will stop you from shopping is because it will ask you to enter your password.

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These types of updates are important moves that tech brands are making, so they can adapt to the reality of their products.

The idea of ​​the brand is not lost and on the contrary, it is a successful action that had not been implemented before, on the contrary, now the idea of ​​unlocking a smartphone with the mask on the face is a major issue for brands since the functionality of your devices depends on it.

With that in mind, an item of great value today is one that has to do with how brands have managed to get involved in the market.

In this way, one aspect that has great value in the market is one that has to do with the ability of products to remain relevant in the market.

Technology adapts to contingency

The health contingency has been one of the most serious phenomena in the market, as it warns us about the importance of brands when they manage to create products adapted to this reality.

LG has shown this to us by patenting a transparent television which serves as a service screen for a room, at the same time that it helps to protect the guests and the employees of the place, by avoiding the spraying of the droplets of saliva possibly infected by C0VID-I9, pathogen which imposed new rules on the market.

Adaptation of technological products

A Trend Force estimate reveals the impact of the novel coronavirus on the tech industry and warned that the categories most affected were smartphones, followed by TVs, laptops, monitors and smart speakers.

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