Apple will hold another presentation in November: what will it show?

Next week Apple will launch the iPhone 12. It is expected to be a real online show, as the announcement of new generations of iPhone is the most important event of the year for this company. However, unlike in previous years, this time Apple is expected to present not one, not two or even three iPhones, but four: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max… And apparently, the company realized that an hour would not be enough for them, and the online presentation would take a long time (what if they decide to show AirPods 3?). Therefore, Apple may hold more than one, but as many as two presentations this fall. Another record, by the way. What will be presented at another event?

Hooray, another Apple presentation!

What will be shown at the Apple presentation

During the launch of iOS 14 at WWDC in June 2020, Apple announced that it would move from Intel to its own processors starting late this year. designed specifically for Mac… More energy efficient and efficient chips. At the same time, Tim Cook said (and no one pulled his tongue) that Apple plans to release the first Mac with Apple Silicon by the end of the year and fully complete the transition in about two years.

Процессоры Apple Silicon основаны на архитектуре ARM, а это означает, что будущие компьютеры Mac смогут запускать тысячи приложений для iPhone и iPad без дополнительной компиляции. Так Apple сможет привести все три платформы к единому виду и одной среде разработки.

But you can’t just take and make your own computer on a processor that has not been used anywhere before. More precisely, it is possible, but the coronavirus pandemic in this regard has spoiled Apple literally everything. Engineers are remotely located, employees have to be taken out in parts, development and testing are progressing noticeably slower. Therefore, if initially Apple, most likely, planned to hold two presentations (on one to show the iPhone with Apple Watch, AirPods Studio and HomePod mini, and on the other – iPad and MacBook on Apple Silicon), now, due to the time shift, it was necessary to do side event.

It’s really not easy

И это не предположение, об этом написал Bloomberg, а у этих ребят источники в Apple очень достоверные. Именно они первыми в свое время сообщили о разработке единой подписки на сервисы Apple. И что мы увидели в сентябре? Apple One!

MacBook с Apple Silicon

As for the first Macs with Apple processors, not Intel, things are shrouded in even greater secrets. At WWDC Apple showed a “prototype” of such a computer – it was Mac mini DTK, him sent to developers, but this is, so to speak, just training.

This is just a “prototype”

There is no real Mac with Apple Silicon yet, and the Mac mini has been shown because developers need to prepare for this and share their impressions. The real transition to Apple Silicon will take place this year, but a little later.

The first ARM-based Apple computer is expected to be … the 12-inch MacBook. Apple’s own processors could turn a Mac into a never-before-seen work machine. With the world‘s longest battery life, low power consumption and high power. And this good will cost no more than the current generation of MacBook Air. Moreover, the 12-inch MacBook has not been updated for a very long time.

Apple Silicon Delivers High Performance with Lower Power Consumption

По слухам, Apple сделает MacBook с Apple Silicon более доступными, чтобы помочь стимулировать спрос на поколение с ARM. Самый дешевый 12-дюймовый MacBook c ARM обойдется в 700-800 долларов (в России это будет около 60-65 тысяч рублей).

When is the next Apple presentation

So far, no changes – next Apple event will take place 13 octoberTim Cook will appear on the virtual stage at 20:00 Moscow time, which you can watch with our online broadcast on… But the presentation on Mac computers at Apple Silicon, according to sources, will take place in November. Nobody has named exact dates yet. Do you like so many Apple presentations, or would you rather see them all at once? Share your opinion in the comments and in our chat on Telegram.

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