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Apple will get rid of an obligation and an iPhone case element

It was with the iPhone 12 that Apple took another one that had a great positive impact on the smartphone market. With this model, the Cupertino giant no longer had several elements present in its box.

Although this seems like a logical decision, the brand ended up having to retreat at that point in several markets. Now, and the result of a change, you can get rid of this obligation and thus remove another element from the iPhone case.

There were several countries where Apple had to keep in the box iPhone some elements. In some cases there was a need to keep the charger and in others the EarPods could not be removed.

This last scenario can still be seen in France, where Apple keeps its EarPods in the iPhone case. The reason was simple and resulted from a country's law, which regulated some elements and even had to be complied with.

In particular, French law requires manufacturers to have a handsfree kit or headphones in their equipment. These serve above all to protect children under the age of 14 against electromagnetic radiation. If not respected, the fine will be 75,000 euros.

It is precisely this law that now seems to be changed and fail to have these assumptions. will be outdated on what other law which seeks to reduce the environmental footprint of technology in France.

Apple iPhone EarPods France Box

With this change, Apple and other manufacturers no longer have to include headphones in the boxes of their devices. For now, this bill has been approved and awaits only formal publication before it can take the force of law.

It will undoubtedly be a big change for Apple, especially in France. The brand had EarPods present, although external to the iPhone case, being added only externally and because the law required it.


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