Apple will allow users to create augmented reality applications through Siri

Apple is reportedly working on creating software that will allow users to develop their own augmented reality (AR) apps for its upcoming mixed reality headsets, The Information wrote. The company aims to increase the popularity of the device by expanding the available content created by users.

Apple is developing software tools that will allow even non-programmers to use the Siri voice assistant to create AR apps, which will then be available on the App Store for others to download. To enable 3D modeling for apps, Apple is developing a method to scan real-world objects using the headset. Users will be able to create apps, such as one with virtual animals that move across a room and on or around real-world objects, without having to design the animals from scratch and calculate their movement in an obstacle-ridden 3D space.

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According to The Information, Apple is also creating its own AR apps, with a potential emphasis on health and wellness. It could be a way for the tech company to differentiate itself from the competition, as other companies, like Meta, are also looking to acquire fitness-focused AR and VR apps.

If successful, Apple’s software tools would be a significant advance in AR app development. Apple’s VR/AR headset (probably called the Reality Pro) is expected to launch in the coming months. It will feature an iOS-like interface and advanced eye and hand tracking.

The software tools for the headset could be announced at the annual WWDC conference in June, giving developers enough time to create AR apps for the headset before their official release later in 2023. Meanwhile, Apple has decided to delay the release of its AR glasses, which was originally planned to be released after the release of its headset.

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