Apple watch 7 objednte from 8. jna, koupte from ptku 15. jna

Information began to appear in the summer that Apple was having problems with the production of the seven generations of Watch watches, and that their premiere and sale would be justified. In the end, Apple did not postpone the premiere, but the sale started and in the middle of June, ie msc after the premiere.

The reason for the leaks is a marked change in the design of the watch. They have a display and a case, and the functional equipment has not changed so much compared to the sixth generation. But even so, according to various sources, Apple had production problems, was not satisfied with the quality of the product.

Apple, after all introduced the watch together with the new iPhones 14th z, but on the shelves the store will be about msc later. At the same time, the new iPhones started to be sold on the 24th for pre-orders.

Navc u iPhon Apple okamit zveejnil vechny ceny both for the American market and for all other Czech ones. For a watch, it’s a different bag, Apple only released a basic price of $ 399 for the US market. And this also applies now, when it is clear that pre-orders will start on June 8, and the store shelves will be watched a week later on Friday, June 15.

The given data are valid for most of the market, including Czech. Apple will present the prices in particular on Friday, June 8, at 2 pm Central European Time. Given the basic US price, which is the same as for the Watch 6 series, it can be expected that the prices will be similar to the model.

This would mean a basic price of 11,490 K, which according to the increase and more than 20,000 crowns. Even in the Czech Republic, there are plenty of variants with a mobile connection from summer, which of course should also apply to the new collection. Conversely, losk srie Watch 6 could become cheaper, current bag still salary original prices.



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