Apple Unveils New Products at WWDC 2023 Including M2 Ultra Chip and Vision Pro Glasses


Apple announced all its new products ranging from the new software version iOS 17 to Macs, augmented reality glasses to smart watches at the 2023 leg of the World Developers Conference (WWDC), which is highly anticipated every year. The company introduced its most powerful chip ever, the M2 Ultra, at the event. Türkiye, on the other hand, said hello to new price hikes after the event. Apple Turkey, which had hiked its prices just two weeks ago, has again hiked its Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and AirPods products.


At the 2023 launch of the World Developers Conference (WWDC), US technology giant Apple, the new software iOS 17 version, watchOS 10, new Mac Pro, Mac Studio models, the most powerful chip ever M2 Ultra and the new AR / VR glasses Vision It introduced all its new products, ranging up to Pro. Here is the WWDC 2023 summary;

Apple introduced the new version of the iPhone operating system, iOS 17, at the event. Applications such as phone, iMessage, AirDrop, wallet and health have been updated in the operating system, which has many interface changes.

It also unveiled the M2 Ultra, which is the biggest and best chip Apple has ever developed. The product makes Mac Studio and Mac Pro the most powerful Mac desktops ever. It leverages Apple’s UltraFusion technology to connect two M2 Maxs together, doubling the performance. The M2 Ultra contains 134 billion transistors. This value is 20 billion more than the value of M1 Ultra. With a unified memory architecture supporting up to 192GB of memory capacity, it provides 50 percent more capacity than the M1 Ultra and twice the memory bandwidth of the M2 Max at 800GBps.

At the event, Apple introduced Vision Pro, an augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) glasses. Glasses allow you to communicate with people around you. On the other hand, AR/VR glasses make virtual meetings much easier. Vision Pro, which allows you to easily communicate with people in the meeting, allows users to view images from every angle. Vision Pro also gives you the chance to record with its cameras. You can also record your memories with the mixed reality glasses.

The new Mac Pro was introduced with its metal front. Mac Pro with M2 Ultra processor has eight Thunderbolt ports and six PCI expansion slots. Configurable with up to 76 core GPU and 192GB memory. The Mac Pro has three USB-A ports and two HDMI ports. HDMI supports up to 8K resolution and frame rates up to 240 Hz. There are also two 10Gb Ethernet ports. The product includes a headphone jack.

The most striking aspect of the new Mac Studio models was their superior performance in the field of performance. Providing the opportunity to choose the most powerful processors developed in the new devices of the series, Apple offers its users M2 Max and M2 Ultra processors.

The new product, the 15-inch MacBook Air, stands out with an 8-core CPU with an M2 chip. The device comes with GPU that can be configured with up to 10 cores. The product offers the possibility to work with many more 4K and 8K ProRes video streams. On the other hand, with a battery life of up to 18 hours, there is no battery problem for a long time.

Another innovation is the MacBook Air 15.3 11.5 mm thin. According to Apple, the device is the world’s thinnest 15-inch laptop. Thanks to its weight of only 1.49 kg, the product is also extremely easy to transport. On the other hand, it is stated that it is about 40 percent thinner and lighter than a PC laptop of a similar level.

Many apps have been redesigned with watchOS 10. In addition, Apple Watch watches have widget support, just like iPhones. You can display any of these widgets on the home screen. The background color, on the other hand, will now change according to the clock. For example, in the evening, there will be a color in the dark theme.

There is a revamped interface tvOS 17 for Apple TV users. The renewed interface has a stylish and simple design, somewhat reminiscent of iPads. In addition, new application interfaces took their place in tvOS 17.

FaceTime has made its way to Apple TV. Now you can make your meetings at home from the comfort of television and talk to your loved ones in a video way.

Introducing iPadOS 17 started with widgets and lock screen. Thanks to the new widgets, it will be possible to connect directly to the smart home system with a single button, and control the light or music.

Apple, which kept the Apple Store closed during the WWDC 2023 event, opened its products to access again at the end of the event. Turkey said hello after the event with new price hikes. Apple Turkey, which had hiked its prices just two weeks ago, has again hiked its Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and AirPods products.

With the new hike, the starting price of the iPhone 14 Pro increased from 45.999 TL to 48.999 TL.

The highest-priced iPhone, on the other hand, increased from 59,999 TL to 63,999 TL and became the iPhone 14 Pro 1 TB.

The price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max 1 TB is 67,999 TL. it happened.

The new starting price of the iPhone 14 128 GB has increased from 35.999 TL to 37.999 TL. The starting price of the iPhone 13 128 GB was 31,999 TL, the starting price of the iPhone 13 mini was 28,499 TL, and the starting price of the iPhone SE was 19,499 TL.

Apple Watch Ultra increased from 29,999 TL to 32,499 TL, Apple Watch Series 8 increased from 9,999 TL to 10,699 TL, Apple Watch SE increased from 6,499 TL to 6,899 TL.

2nd generation AirPods Pro increased from 5,899 TL to 6,199 TL, 3rd generation AirPods increased from 4,299 TL to 4,499 TL, 2nd generation AirPods increased from 3,249 TL to 3,399 TL. The new price of Air Pods Max was 16,499 TL.

While the starting price of the iPad Pro was 22,999 TL, the starting price of the iPad Air increased to 17,299 TL. The new price of Apple Pencil is 3.029 TL. it happened.

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